"Be brave when you face your enemies. Your courage will show them that they are going to be destroyed, and it will show you that you will be saved. God will make all of this happen." ~Philippians 1:28, The Message

I can't believe it is back to school season! WHOA! Where did summer go? I couldn't wait to share this morning on what I have felt all weekend. It seems God has really been placing the significant characteristic of being courageous in these last days. I pray that this word gives you courage to face life today with confidence that you will be victorious!

I first want to start out by defining courage. Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. WHOA! This should really hit many of us right in between the eyes with affirmation! Many are facing difficulties, danger, pain, and I am here to tell you-- take courage!

As the scriptures share above we must be brave! No matter what we are facing if we have courage today then we will show the enemy he is going to be destroyed and that you will be victorious! The greatest part of our thought today is that GOD will make ALL of this happen! All that we have to do is to be brave in HIM and have the courage --the spirit (our Holy Spirit stirred up) that is in faith and not fear!

My challenge this week is: if you are facing difficulties, danger, pain, or feel fear-- then go to God now and ask Him to stir you and to help build your courage in Him. In these last days as the world makes what is wrong right and makes right wrong we all need to be brave. May we all ENCOURAGE one another that it will be worth the fight in the end. We will be rewarded in heaven for the good fight of faith over fear and for our bravery fighting for God's will to be done here on earth!

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Livin' Lively, Laine