April 7, 2014

"I can't impress this on you too strongly. God is looking over your shoulder. Christ himself is the Judge, with the final say on everyone, living and dead. He is about to break into the open with his rule, so proclaim the Message with intensity; keep on your watch. Challenge, warn, and urge your people. Don't ever quit. Just keep it simple." 2 Timothy 4:1-2

WHOA! I loved this scripture for us today. I just keep feeling God press into my heart that not only is He with us but He is literally "watching over our shoulders" as the scripture shares above. I know many of you are wondering if God is even aware of your circumstances that you are facing today. I assure you today God is literally a part of every detail of your lives.

I wanted to encourage you that time is running out. Jesus is coming back and no one knows the time or day but we are instructed to be prepared for His return any second of the day. As the scripture above reminds us, Christ is the judge-of the living and the dead. I feel like proclaiming that Jesus is about to break things wide open for us-- your breakthrough is on the way!

Don't lose your passion for Christ. Don't get lazy. Don't let the enemy discourage you anymore. I am here to declare over you today that you can't quit! Stir up your spirit and keep it simple. Trust that God is right there with you, literally watching over your shoulders, and your break out is on the way!

My challenge is simple this week: trust that God knows every detail of your life today and don't get stuck in discouragement because with a mustard sized faith today you can believe that your breakthrough is on it's way right now!

I love each of you and I pray for you often. Please email me your thoughts and share with me what you may be faced with and let me know if you need anything today!

In God's abundant love,