March 2014

"Does he play favorites with the rich and famous and slight the poor?

Isn't he equally responsible to everybody?

Don't people who deserve it die without notice?

Don't wicked rulers tumble to their doom?

the so-called great ones are wiped out,

we know God is working behind the scenes.

He has his eyes on every man and woman. He doesn't miss a trick." -Job 34:19-23

WHOA! I hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day! I was so blessed to spend last week with my children and husband for Spring Break. The memories will last a lifetime. As you all know I am reading through the entire Bible in six months with an amazing program that has been such a blessing to me! Last week on the beach, I was restin' in Destin, these scriptures just increased my trust in God. I hope today's thoughts build your trust in God!

The scriptures above, sharing on God's fairness, really spoke to me. God doesn't favor the rich over the poor. Nor does He love the famous more than the ordinary person. God treats us ALL equally! Sometimes we all wonder if we were famous or richer would God do more in our lives? The answer is NO-- God loves us all equally-- we are all His children.

The next thought that touched me in these scriptures was that God is working behind the scenes in ALL of our lives. "He has His eye on every man and woman." WHOA! God really does know every detail of our lives. He knows every trial, pain, and celebration we are experiencing. He is right there with us! God is working in our lives 24 hours and 7 days a week behind the scenes in our lives--"He doesn't miss a trick!" This brought me so much comfort!

My challenge this week is: Declare and know that God loves you as much as anybody and that He does not play favorites. Know that God deals with us ALL equally! Today no matter what is going on in your life know that God is right there with you, He is working behind the scenes, He sees through it all and He can't be tricked. God is literally working out your life at your side and He loves you extravagantly!

I love each of you in the WHOAwomen Community and I pray for you often. Please let me know if you need anything! Please let me know your thoughts about this blog and share your thoughts with me!

In God's abundant love,