January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great New Year! Personally, my New year was challenged! The day before New Year's Eve I was running with my son's dog, Dixie. I was on the third mile of my four mile run (determined to make it although I was exhausted), I fell! Yes, I fell but the worst part of the fall was I grabbed on to a fence not knowing it was barb wired and I ripped my hand! So, of course, there was a telephone line repairman who just happened to be working near me and he called my husband who then rushed me to the ER for stitches! Crazy! In one second I was feeling fit and good about pressing through and boom I fell! BUT God! It truly was a blessing in disguise even though it is still a very painful blessing-- the fall forced me to slow down! I did slow down to a halt! I became yielded and still. Which leads me to two thoughts and I hope it touches you right where you are today!

First, as I was being still a simple thought kept running through my mind. God's word-- His word is everything! I meditated on this a few days and then I attended my church in Destin, Florida, where Pastor Steve was sharing on the importance of the word. Truly, it was like a megaphone in my ear to make 2014 the year that I stay in God's word. I confess to you right now, I have been so busy getting the show ready for national television, keeping the WHOAwomen Magazine on deadlines, and just managing life that I have NOT been in the word like I should. God knocked me in the head for me to really take this fact into my heart. The word is the LIVING God-- His words breathed with His breath! I am doing the reading program, reading the entire Bible in six months and I hope to add readings to the daily readings to finish up even sooner. Literally my motivation is to read every word so that I can know God so much more deeper. I hope you will join me in making 2014 the year where we stay in God's word!

"All things are decided by fate; it was known long ago what each man would be. So there's no use arguing with God about your destiny." Ecclesiastes 6:10

In the scripture above it is so clear! ALL things are decided by fate-- God's fate for our lives! God knew His plan and purpose for our lives since before our birth. God knew what our destiny's were to be before we were conceived. My second thought is that this year you will find your destiny-- the real purpose you are here! My prayer is that by the end of this year and hopefully sooner, you will know where your life is going and you will be immovable in Christ! The way you find this destiny-- your personal destiny is so simple--CONNECT with God daily! That's right, when you live each breath of your day in God's will, obeying His word, trusting. waiting, praying, and allowing God to move through you everyday-- YOU will live out God's purpose in your life!

My challenge is this: get into God's word-- it's the only way to get life-- it is the living word of God-- our daily bread-- without it we will die to the world! Then, go to God your first thought of the day, surrender your will, talk with God, pray with Him, connect with Him, and your day will be Him moving through you with the power of the Holy Spirit! Do NOT be moved, shaken, distracted, discouraged, or stuck in unbelief-- go to your heavenly Father now, open all of your heart to Him, and He will direct your steps and you will be living your life on purpose in your destiny through God's will for your life!

I love each of you in the WHOAwomen Community and I pray for you often.

In God's abundant love,