December 2, 2013

WHOA! It is December 2, 2013 and I can't believe it! It's not only Christmas but the year is truly coming to a close. As we will be bombarded with lists and gift giving demands I was quickly reminded of this scripture above. But-- what struck me was the context it hit me with this season.

For the first time ever when I read this scripture I picked up a whole new revelation. In this scripture and the one before it is talking about knowing our King, our Savior. The one who knows Him and continues to live his life like the world and not living his life daily in Christ will be punished more. The one who commits sins without the knowledge of Christ will be punished less.

WHOAwomen, we do know our Savior! We do know our King and creator! The second part of verse 48 says then we will be responsible for more since we do know Him. To much is given then much will be required. To much has been committed then God will ask more of us. For the first time this scripture hit me in the spirit. This verse is talking about our lives, giving more to the Kingdom not just our money! Every time we think we have surrendered enough of our lives to Christ then He will ask for more! This will keep us enlarging our territories to reach many with the love of Christ and the knowledge of who He is.

My challenge this week is: this Christmas season let's all look for more ways to share the knowledge and love to those in our daily lives telling them who God is in our personal lives. Let's not get so caught up in the gift giving, spending money, and competing through gifts. Let's stay closer to Christ than ever this Christmas listening to Him and helping the ones He leads us to. Let others see Christ in us as we prioritize sharing the knowledge of Christ and His love for us more than spending money on gifts. I ask: Who could we share the birth of Jesus Christ with this season while demonstrating His overflowing love to today and giving them the gift of eternal life-- the most precious gift of all!

Make it a WHOA week! I love you.

In God's abundant love,