A place where you are never alone!
Good morning! I pray that you are having a good week so far and I hope you know I love you very much! I have been in so much prayer these last few months and I want you to know I pray for you often. This week this scripture just stood out. Again it was another layer to what I feel God is really pressing into me in this very quiet and dark season. I hope that you will find amazing comfort today through this inspirational thought. 
I know that if you are reading this today that you are seeking the Lord and your heart loves the Lord. Today's thought should really touch you. God has a very special place just for you! A "private place" as the scripture describes is made just for you. Sometimes in the darkest seasons of our lives and in the roughest storms of life, God pulls us near into a private place! A place designed just for you!
"There's a private place reserved for the lovers of God,
where they sit near Him and receive
the revelation-secrets of His promises"
~Psalm 25:14 (Passion Translation)
In this private place, God is so near to us! When we are at our last hope, when we have no one to bail us out, or even anyone who really cares about us-- God pulls us near and begins to work within us! There in this "secret place" there are no distractions, no noises from the world, just our brokenness in need of God's help! This is where we sit near to Him and He is able to reveal secrets to us that will insure our victory and increase our maturity and confidence in Him! My question to you today is: Will you receive what He has to say and reveal?
For me in this "private place" season it has been bittersweet - like everything in life. Some days it is very difficult. God has revealed to me some things about my life that I have believed were true all my life that are NOT true (things people spoke over me, lies that hurt me all my life, and realities that are hard to face). But also God has revealed things to me that are true about myself that I have had to change so that I look more like Him. Thus I have had to do some changes from the inside out to line up to who I need to be in Christ. Each time I think I am about to get out of this time God shows me another secret that only He can reveal to me! But I know that when this season is over-- learning how to really endure the storms and darkness of life with trust and confidence in God- I will be a better and more mature woman of God! This incredible intimacy is the sweet part of this season. Although some days I have been so challenging emotionally and spiritually-- I always know God is with me, loves me, and is making me into what He needs to be! 
My challenge this week is: if you are facing anything in life that seems impossible today, addictions, debt, lost job, failed relationships, wayward children, death, and more then please know that God has a private place just for you. In this private place He will reveal His great love for you, His plans for you, and His steadfast provisions for you! He will show you that you are not alone. He will show you maybe some places in your life that you too have believed lies about yourself or family and will show you the truth! The truth will set you free! Maybe He will show you places that need to line up with His will for your life. But in the end you will leave this secret place forever changed knowing God was with you in the darkness and He loves you so much and He will bring you to victory!
I love you all so much. Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time. Also, I will be praying for all of you this week! I love each of you! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that you may have. I would This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Have a Lively week!

Livin' Lively with Love,

Laine Lawson Craft