Psalm 50:23 KJV

Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God.

Good Monday Morning! I am so excited to share with you today! I am so amazed that we have already passed the first month of the year and we are now in February! God is so good and faithful So many of us are praying for one another this year and we are already seeing God answer many of our prayers! We are in a year where God is moving quickly and right on time! Today I wanted to show you a scripture God revealed to me this past week in my quiet time that really settled into my soul. I pray that it touches your heart too!  

When I started looking up commentaries on today's scripture I knew that I had to share this simple truth. I think so many times we make God so complicated. Yes God is deeper than we can comprehend but His love and directions are really quite simple. This scripture demonstrates this fact- it clearly and simply states what pleases God! This one short scripture explains in detail what we need to do to please God.

First the scripture tells us that praise glorifies God. Let me stop right here. Are you praising God in your daily journey with Him? Are you praising Him even if you are facing challenges or if you are in a storm? As I have shared before, the praise of a broken heart will always resound in the heavenly's! In the storms or tragedies of life if we will continue to praise God this shows God how much we trust Him and how much we have confidence in who He is! When we praise God in our lives, offering Him our thanksgivings and praise, this glorifies Him! We glorify God by what we say and do! Remember we were divinely designed to love God first and worship Him! When we praise Him through a spirit of true thankfulness, adoration, and love we bring Him honor, love, and worship! 

The next simple truth in this short scripture is this, when we order our lives around God and live in obedience, God shows us the way to salvation! God will make us see His way for our lives and we will know true and everlasting happiness! When we seek to walk in God's ways He will guide us to salvation. The salvation that only He alone can give!

My challenge this week is: if you are not praising God and giving Him glory every day then can you start right now? If you are praising God daily maybe then challenge your heart to go a little deeper so God can reveal more of Himself to you. This simple scripture promises us that if we will praise God, glorify Him, set our ways in obedience to Him and worship Him with all of our hearts in purity then we will enjoy God's presence and favor- God's salvation!