"None of this fazes us because Jesus loves us. I'm absolutely convinced that nothing-nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable-absolutely nothing can get between us and God's love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us." Romans 8:31-39 (The Message)

With Valentine's Day happening over this past weekend I was reminded of so many who may not have had someone to tell them how much they are loved. God quickly pressed the above scriptures into my heart. Also Psalm 139 clearly tells us too that God made each one of us uniquely with His hands for His purpose. He loves us so much because He literally created us before the world began with a mission for the Kingdom in our DNA! WHOA!

As our scriptures share today in Romans, God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus to die on a cross for all of our sins so that we could be free of sin through the blood of Christ. It says above NO THING-- NOTHING- will ever separate us from our heavenly Father or Savior. God's love for us is so extravagant-- we can't even comprehend the depth of His love for us!

My challenge this week is: ask yourself if you know that God made you with His own hands. Do you really accept the fact that you are God's daughter whom He loves so deeply? Do you know God's purpose for you is to have a personal and intimate relationship with Him that will bring Him glory in all that you do? If you are lacking in love-- will you please today receive the everlasting love of Christ into your heart and know that NOTHING- no sin, no shame, no failure, NO THING- will ever keep His love from YOU! God LOVES YOU extravagantly!

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Living lively,


Happy New Year! I hope that you are ready for the Year of Extreme-- the extreme of God's goodness! As I write down my hopes for 2015 I felt led to share with you a few personal things from my heart.

"From now on if you listen obediently to the commandments that I am commanding you today, love God, your God, and serve him with everything you have within you, he'll take charge of sending the rain at the right time, both autumn and spring rains, so that you'll be able to harvest your grain, your grapes, your olives. He'll make sure there's plenty of grass for your animals. You'll have plenty to eat." ~Deuteronomy 11:13-15 (Message Bible)

"But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams." ~ Mark 4:20

First, I wanted to share with you that I am fasting for 21 days. I invite all of you to join me! Many people ask me what is a fast and how and why do I do one? A fast for me is that I take one or two things I do often daily that I know is probably not the best for me and I give them to God and surrender them to Him. For instance, one of the things I am fasting is my diet! I am going to eat the most pure foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and no processed foods. I am limiting my calorie intake, too! This enables me to be the purest and healthiest vessel for the Lord to use me in a greater way. I am surrendering foods and drinks that I normally consume to God to ask Him to FILL me with more of Him and less of me!

Why I fast is easy - I fast to surrender my will on many different levels in the natural to God's will in the supernatural! So every time I am tempted to overindulge I go to God and pray for His strength to teach me discipline and to make me better at yielding to His will and ways! Fasting just gives God so much more control over every area of my life and I am closer to Him than ever during the fasting times of my life.

During this fast I am believing for God to bring the harvest to WHOAwomen in abundance. PLEASE join me this year in faithful prayer for WHOAwomen and I ask you please to pray for me, too, on a personal level. As the scriptures say above if we obey and listen to God intently and diligently we are sure to harvest in His perfect timing. I am believing this is the year for our harvest at WHOAwomen. It's been 7 years working 7 days a week to share stories of overcoming bringing God glory and producing hope to thousands of women! Now we are believing to reach millions and nations through WHOAwomen this year.

The last scripture above says it all - if we plant good seeds for God then we will surely reap a harvest beyond our wildest dreams! This is the kind of harvest I am believing for WHOAwomen and for ALL of you!

My challenge this week is this: find something in your everyday life that you can give up for 21 days. It may be cokes or a habit - whatever you choose to give to God do it today! Then join all of us believing that we will reap a harvest beyond our wildest dreams in every area of our lives. Believe that the year 2015 is the year of extremes - the extreme of God's goodness. So, put God first in every area of your life for 21 days, surrender your will to yield to His will, and then expect a harvest more than you could ever dream!

I love you all and am excited to hear what God does for you during your 21 day fast!

Livin' lively,


Hebrews 12:1-3

"And we must be determined to run the race that is ahead of us.2 We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. He endured the shame of being nailed to a cross, because he knew that later on he would be glad he did. Now he is seated at the right sideof God's throne!3 So keep your mind on Jesus, who put up with many insults from sinners. Then you won't get discouraged and give up."

I hope today finds you well and cool! Summer is definitely HOT! I have been experiencing the burning hot sun in Florida and a burning off of some of my flesh from God at the same time! I have really been searching for God's voice the last few weeks. It seemed I was in a real slump and wasn't quite sure where to turn. You know we all move at such an amazing fast pace these days when we finally do get a little slow down time, I think we sometimes get confused on exactly what to do! So, as I struggled to make sense of this slump it occurred to me that I was running away from God not running to HIM. So I fell to the ground and asked the Lord to meet me closely! He did. God gave me so much to share to with you today and I hope that if you too are in a slump that what I went through will help you today.

First, as I already stated, I was running from God. I was trying to figure out things on my own in the natural. I was thinking from the worldly perspective not looking with an eternal perspective! I wasn't looking for God in the answers - just looking for the answers!! I knew I was doing God's will but I was wanting an answer immediately! This verse written above spoke to me in such a way that I knew it was my answer from God.

Maybe you are asking God for something or needing an answered prayer, I was too. As many of you know, we produced a television pilot for mainstream media. It is in the process of being shopped to networks as we speak. But, the waiting was beating me up! I started to doubt. I started to second guess myself - that's why many of you know I love to call the waiting time, the MEANtime - it's mean in the waiting time! What I do know today is that in the waiting time we must run into God's arms. Then, we must ask Him to teach us what we must learn in the meantime. Then, just know that in the waiting time there will be a fight for your answer. Don't be burdened or distracted-- stay on the course of the race and you will win the answer! I have found in this last season of "meantime" that God was working on me to create more order in my life, more balance, more time with Him, and more trust in His plan! Most of all WHOAwomen, we can't endure the race or sustain our energy without HIS life source of the living word and His presence in our lives daily!

In conclusion, if you too are in a slump or in a "MEANtime" Season, run to God, ask Him to show you what you need to change and learn while waiting, be aware you must fight for the answer and victory, stay on course, don't give up, keep your thoughts on the eternal life we will one day live with our heavenly Father, endure the race and the VICTORY in God's answers and plans in the race of your life will be won!

Livin' lively, Laine

Esther 9:22

"As the time when the Jews got relief from their enemies, and as the month when their sorrow was turned into joy and their mourning into a day of celebration."

THIS is the Year-that we at WHOAwomen are believing for a long celebration for YOU! That's right, many have had sorrows, disappointments, challenges, and more BUT God-- HE is changing ALL of this into a day of celebration!

We release JOY over YOU and we ask that today you receive this word spoken and EXPECT celebration ALL year long! The enemy may have been fighting with you or someone you love BUT that's all in reversal from the Lord! God is making HUGE moves for you and all that you have to do is wait upon HIM and your relief is ON the way just as the scripture above shares today!

WHOAwomen- we as a community are supernaturally experiencing this amazing celebration. There are so many incredible manifestations of God's hands on this ministry-so many joyful occasions- literally so many we can't list them! SO we KNOW that God is moving! We know God is changing and reversing things for your favor! But, most importantly, we know in our hearts that God is going to throw a party and celebrate who YOU are in Him this year!!

So WHOAwomen get ready to email us and share your story today!!WE WANT to hear YOUR testimonies! www.whoawomen.com

Love, Laine

"Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." ~1 Corinthians 15:58(ESV)

WHOA! What a GREAT and encouraging word for all of us today! I heard this statement and it has stuck with me forever, "You can tell the size of a Christian by what it takes to stop them." What are you allowing to stop you? My hope and prayer today for us all is that NO THING - nothing - stops us from growing and going forward in our purpose of this life that God has planned.

Many times we are given circumstances, emotions, and unexpected life issues, BUT we can't let the hurt or confusion stop you! Someone needs to hear this today. As I was meditating in just PRAISE and worship for God this weekend--I felt compelled to share with you - Don't quit - Don't stop - remember you are only defeated if you quit. I pray that we all feel the strength and confidence that God's Got it and HE will keep us steadfast in the quiet confidence in HIM!

I love all of you and am praying for you!

Livin' lively,