March 31, 2014

"Count on it: Everyone who had it in for you will end up out in the cold- real losers. Those who worked against you will end up empty-handed-nothing to show for their lives. When you go out looking for your old adversaries you won't find them-Not a trace of your old enemies, not even a memory. That's right. Because I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I'm not letting go I'm telling you, 'Don't panic. I'm right here to help you.'"-Isaiah 41:11-13

WHOA! What a great word we share today! I have been counseling a new follower of Christ who is a single mom raising her child alone since his birth. She is in the middle of a fight on her life because of enemy warfare on her life and this scripture just spoke so many things into her situation. Then I have another dear friend that I have loved as a sister who is in the middle of a legal crisis with her business and fighting her integrity, and these scriptures spoke right into her situation! I felt led to share these thoughts that were revealed with all of you-- for those of you who are fighting the enemy head on right now and for those of you who will be in a fight one day. I pray you find comfort in what I share today.

First, just know this right now-- YOUR enemies will not stand against you! Your enemies will fall! No matter what the devil may be throwing at your lives today, God will not let a trace of what is happening exist after your victory. You can count on God to make you the victor and your enemy will end up with nothing!

Second, God has a firm grip on you. As I shared with both of the ladies I am counseling, a grip from God is a big deal. Grip your coffee cup, grip a stair rail, grip anything, watch how your hands envelope the object. YOU are the object in God's hand as He grips you tighter than ever. Just know in the darkest hours of your lives, in your brokenness, in your despair, and in the middle of warfare with the enemy, God has you in the grip of His hands! God will NOT let go of you ever!

Finally, God's word tells us right here-- Don't panic! That's right-- NO MATTER what YOU face today-- DON'T PANIC! This has been the hardest thing for me to learn especially when the enemy blindsides us out of nowhere. The first thing I used to do is panic and become emotionally upset. But now-- I just take a deep breath in, claiming God's sovereignty over my life, and then I push a breath out breathing out praises to God for loving me as His own daughter. I have learned to trust God in the darkest hour, in the tragic phone calls, and in all of life's trials we face. I've learned how not to panic! Remember God is never surprised at what we are facing in our lives. He is always right there with us and knows everything. Don't panic!

In conclusion, if you are hurt, in despair, facing injustice, or in any type of warfare with the enemy meditate on these scriptures. God will give you victory over the devil, God has a grip on YOUR life, and God will never let go of you or leave you. When the enemy blindsides you or tragedies come, just stop immediately take one huge breath in-- breathe in God's sovereignty - and breathe out the praises of trust you have in Him. He will surely bring you victory and comfort that only He can give you. Don't panic!

I love each of you and I pray for you often. Please email me your thoughts and share with me what you may be faced with and let me know if you need anything today!

In God's abundant love,


March 24, 2014

"God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? Does he promise and not come through?" -Numbers 23:17-19

WHOA! I really felt the Lord pressing me to bring a word to all of us that will build our faith! As you know, 2014 has already proven to be a year where God is showing up and showing out. But- for many of us it is not in the way we planned or desired! So many of us have seen God more intimately than ever in our lives but in the same breath fighting things we never could conceive!

First, as the scripture shares above, God is NOT a man. WHOA! I am so thankful in just that one fact today! So many times man will disappoint us. Some men will lie to us, betray us, steal from us, or simply not understand us-- BUT God is not a man! God is God. God will never fail us or disappoint us. He is the Great I am and He is sovereign over all!

Second, God does NOT change His mind! WHOA! I am so glad God doesn't change His mind contingent on what I do or say. God has set the world in motion with His perfect will in place and He will not change His mind about you. God will always love YOU-- NOTHING will ever change His love for you. God's plans are great for us and He longs to bless us all!

Finally, God speaks life into all of us. God will not back down on His promises. God with His voice spoke the world into motion. It was good everything He did! God has promised us life eternal and a life of abundance. God will fulfill all of His promises!

In conclusion, no matter where you are today-- in good times or in bad times-- be encouraged that God is real and true. I challenge you this week to build your faith through the knowledge that God is not man, He does not change His mind ever, God is life and He will fulfill all of His promises to us. God longs to embrace you, fill your empty spaces, touch your heart with an overflow of His extravagant love, and fulfill ALL that He has promised to you!

In God's abundant love,


February 5, 2014

WHOA! I can't believe we are in February already! This year will fly by. Personally, the time flying by has been an asset these last couple of weeks. As I shared in last week's WHOA Notes, I fasted during the month of January really digging deeper than I ever had before into God's presence. It was an amazing experience. I guess you could call it a mountain top experience-- yes it was painful to surrender my physical body to fasting but the rewards of God's presence and touch on my life were indescribable. But-- as many of you know with every mountain top experience there is an almost certainty that it will be followed by a valley experience. Even Jesus had to face the enemy in the desert after being on a 40 day fast! Jesus knows all about the fight! He is ready and waiting to help you fight your fight. Today, I write to each of you to cheer you on --cheering for you to not give up or not to give in. These scriptures really spoke to me as I have been battling the valley.

"Do you see what this means-all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we'd better get on with it. Strip down, start running-and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed-that exhilarating finish in and with God-he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he's there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!" Hebrew 12:1-3

First, when we are in the valley we need to quickly remind ourselves of what God has already done in our lives! As the scriptures above explained-- they reflected on what God had already done in the lives of our biblical pioneers such as Moses and Noah. How God won all the battles for them! Right now, if you are in a valley think back and recall another valley you overcame and encourage yourself to believe God will do it again! God will help you to overcome again!

Second, we can't quit! That's right-- we can't quit the race of living for Jesus! It truly is a race of fighting the good fight of faith. The enemy is going to use every opportunity to get us to quit to lose hope and to fall into despair! Don't let the devil win our hearts and minds into thinking failure. Truly today I am speaking to my own heart as tears fall down my cheeks. Yes-- we all get tired and we all get discouraged but today I really plead with you to bounce back and get your game on!

Third, you ask, How do I keep going on? The scriptures above put it perfectly, KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! That's the best defense against anything the enemy can lie to you about! If we surrender it all to Jesus and keep our eyes, hearts, and minds on Him then we are assured to overcome any obstacle or trial! Jesus is victory and we are promised victory too! Don't look at your mountains today with despair, doubt, loneliness, confusion,-- look at your mountain knowing Jesus is bigger than any mountain you face today! Jesus will bring you victory and you will win the race!

Finally, I hope this shot a dose of adrenaline and HOPE into your souls today! I pray this gave you the hope that Jesus is with you every step of the way on the mountain tops of life and in the deepest valley of life. My challenge this week is: when in the valley always remind yourself of what God has brought you out of in the past, have a don't quit attitude no matter how bad it hurts or how lost you may feel, and surrender to Jesus your everything and KEEP YOUR EYES on HIM! He will deliver you and YOU will find victory in the end in Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior-- that is a promise!

I love each of you in the WHOAwomen Community and I pray for you often. Please email me your thoughts and share with me what you may be faced with and let me know if you need anything today!

In God's abundant love, Laine

March 2014

"Does he play favorites with the rich and famous and slight the poor?

Isn't he equally responsible to everybody?

Don't people who deserve it die without notice?

Don't wicked rulers tumble to their doom?

the so-called great ones are wiped out,

we know God is working behind the scenes.

He has his eyes on every man and woman. He doesn't miss a trick." -Job 34:19-23

WHOA! I hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day! I was so blessed to spend last week with my children and husband for Spring Break. The memories will last a lifetime. As you all know I am reading through the entire Bible in six months with an amazing program that has been such a blessing to me! Last week on the beach, I was restin' in Destin, these scriptures just increased my trust in God. I hope today's thoughts build your trust in God!

The scriptures above, sharing on God's fairness, really spoke to me. God doesn't favor the rich over the poor. Nor does He love the famous more than the ordinary person. God treats us ALL equally! Sometimes we all wonder if we were famous or richer would God do more in our lives? The answer is NO-- God loves us all equally-- we are all His children.

The next thought that touched me in these scriptures was that God is working behind the scenes in ALL of our lives. "He has His eye on every man and woman." WHOA! God really does know every detail of our lives. He knows every trial, pain, and celebration we are experiencing. He is right there with us! God is working in our lives 24 hours and 7 days a week behind the scenes in our lives--"He doesn't miss a trick!" This brought me so much comfort!

My challenge this week is: Declare and know that God loves you as much as anybody and that He does not play favorites. Know that God deals with us ALL equally! Today no matter what is going on in your life know that God is right there with you, He is working behind the scenes, He sees through it all and He can't be tricked. God is literally working out your life at your side and He loves you extravagantly!

I love each of you in the WHOAwomen Community and I pray for you often. Please let me know if you need anything! Please let me know your thoughts about this blog and share your thoughts with me!

In God's abundant love,


January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great New Year! Personally, my New year was challenged! The day before New Year's Eve I was running with my son's dog, Dixie. I was on the third mile of my four mile run (determined to make it although I was exhausted), I fell! Yes, I fell but the worst part of the fall was I grabbed on to a fence not knowing it was barb wired and I ripped my hand! So, of course, there was a telephone line repairman who just happened to be working near me and he called my husband who then rushed me to the ER for stitches! Crazy! In one second I was feeling fit and good about pressing through and boom I fell! BUT God! It truly was a blessing in disguise even though it is still a very painful blessing-- the fall forced me to slow down! I did slow down to a halt! I became yielded and still. Which leads me to two thoughts and I hope it touches you right where you are today!

First, as I was being still a simple thought kept running through my mind. God's word-- His word is everything! I meditated on this a few days and then I attended my church in Destin, Florida, where Pastor Steve was sharing on the importance of the word. Truly, it was like a megaphone in my ear to make 2014 the year that I stay in God's word. I confess to you right now, I have been so busy getting the show ready for national television, keeping the WHOAwomen Magazine on deadlines, and just managing life that I have NOT been in the word like I should. God knocked me in the head for me to really take this fact into my heart. The word is the LIVING God-- His words breathed with His breath! I am doing the reading program, reading the entire Bible in six months and I hope to add readings to the daily readings to finish up even sooner. Literally my motivation is to read every word so that I can know God so much more deeper. I hope you will join me in making 2014 the year where we stay in God's word!

"All things are decided by fate; it was known long ago what each man would be. So there's no use arguing with God about your destiny." Ecclesiastes 6:10

In the scripture above it is so clear! ALL things are decided by fate-- God's fate for our lives! God knew His plan and purpose for our lives since before our birth. God knew what our destiny's were to be before we were conceived. My second thought is that this year you will find your destiny-- the real purpose you are here! My prayer is that by the end of this year and hopefully sooner, you will know where your life is going and you will be immovable in Christ! The way you find this destiny-- your personal destiny is so simple--CONNECT with God daily! That's right, when you live each breath of your day in God's will, obeying His word, trusting. waiting, praying, and allowing God to move through you everyday-- YOU will live out God's purpose in your life!

My challenge is this: get into God's word-- it's the only way to get life-- it is the living word of God-- our daily bread-- without it we will die to the world! Then, go to God your first thought of the day, surrender your will, talk with God, pray with Him, connect with Him, and your day will be Him moving through you with the power of the Holy Spirit! Do NOT be moved, shaken, distracted, discouraged, or stuck in unbelief-- go to your heavenly Father now, open all of your heart to Him, and He will direct your steps and you will be living your life on purpose in your destiny through God's will for your life!

I love each of you in the WHOAwomen Community and I pray for you often.

In God's abundant love,