December 2, 2013

WHOA! It is December 2, 2013 and I can't believe it! It's not only Christmas but the year is truly coming to a close. As we will be bombarded with lists and gift giving demands I was quickly reminded of this scripture above. But-- what struck me was the context it hit me with this season.

For the first time ever when I read this scripture I picked up a whole new revelation. In this scripture and the one before it is talking about knowing our King, our Savior. The one who knows Him and continues to live his life like the world and not living his life daily in Christ will be punished more. The one who commits sins without the knowledge of Christ will be punished less.

WHOAwomen, we do know our Savior! We do know our King and creator! The second part of verse 48 says then we will be responsible for more since we do know Him. To much is given then much will be required. To much has been committed then God will ask more of us. For the first time this scripture hit me in the spirit. This verse is talking about our lives, giving more to the Kingdom not just our money! Every time we think we have surrendered enough of our lives to Christ then He will ask for more! This will keep us enlarging our territories to reach many with the love of Christ and the knowledge of who He is.

My challenge this week is: this Christmas season let's all look for more ways to share the knowledge and love to those in our daily lives telling them who God is in our personal lives. Let's not get so caught up in the gift giving, spending money, and competing through gifts. Let's stay closer to Christ than ever this Christmas listening to Him and helping the ones He leads us to. Let others see Christ in us as we prioritize sharing the knowledge of Christ and His love for us more than spending money on gifts. I ask: Who could we share the birth of Jesus Christ with this season while demonstrating His overflowing love to today and giving them the gift of eternal life-- the most precious gift of all!

Make it a WHOA week! I love you.

In God's abundant love,


October 10, 2013

WHOA! I had the most incredible experience at church and the sermon was on opportunity. This sermon hit my heart heavy for all of us! I thought of many of you who I have been praying for. Many of you are in some difficult places in life and you have many struggles you are battling. But God-- He revealed this scripture, Luke 21:13-15, to me in my own personal study and I wanted to share it with you today.

"This will provide you with an opportunity to testify. Make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance. I'll give you words and wisdom that none of your opponents will be able to counter or contradict."

The first revelation was that God has already written all of our stories even as we breathe today. There are no surprises in our lives that God didn't already know about! Even in the darkest hour God is not only with us, but He knows every detail and outcome. God is in control and He is always with us. Then I was led to my next thought.

It occurred to me like a lightning bolt that every trial, every hurt, every tear, every challenge, and every pain is a part of our story! It is part of the recipe, part of the plot, or the end of the story that completes our own personal testimony of who God is in our lives. As the first part of the scripture states, "This will provide you an opportunity to testify." It's a total mind shift in the darkest hour to realize that God is going to use this as an opportunity to give Him the glory as He brings us out of our deepest pits!

We must make up our minds as the scripture instructs us to do that we will prepare for victory--that's our defense against the enemy. If we prepare our minds and hearts for victory then we can't be consumed with fear and doubt. We must know that God would never leave us in our weakness. We must have faith that brings us right through the fire knowing in our hearts God will see us through. God will give you the wisdom and words to insure your victory. Ultimately God will give you YOUR story, YOUR testimony of overcoming that NO one can deny and the enemy will not be able to contradict.

My challenge this week is this, know deep in your heart that God is with you every step and every breath of your day. Believe with all your might that God is in control of your life and that He would never leave you or forsake you. Then, change your mindset today-- look at your trials as an opportunity to give God ALL the glory for your story of victory. God will give you everything you need to overcome life's challenges and we must be sure to take every opportunity to share His faithfulness to all we know.

In Christ's abundant love,


WHOA! What a fast and furious last few weeks! My daughter, and youngest child, graduated from high school, we recorded The WHOA Show and had to host a senior trip to Cancun. It has been an overwhelming culmination of all God has been doing. He has given me a vision for bringing all women together to encourage and be encouraged. It is a great journey and I hope you, too, are encouraged by how WHOAwomen has grown and reached out to others. For the WHOA Show, I had a wonderful crew and the guests were amazing! Can't wait for you to see them all! The show will air Fall 2013 - so check the website for airing dates, network and times!

Make it a whoa week! I love you!


June 28, 2013

Romans 1:20 says, "For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes, that is, His eternal power and divinity, have been made intelligible and clearly discernible in andthrough the things that have been made (His handiworks). So [men] are without excuse [altogether without any defense or justification]..."

This week I was walking outside and the word magnificent just kept pouring through my heart to God. Just the beauty and splendor of nature itself was particularly moving to me. Even if I had never heard of God before my natural self would be curious on who could have made such beauty and order all around? Then it dawned on me-- in our days of doubting God--all we have to do is look around us!

Once I started truly digesting all things and creations within my view it was so easy to find God! There is no way any man on earth could create such intricate and delicate living things! Then I started to widen this thought with the creation of my life, my children, my purpose, and much more! My entire being was consumed in the truth that God has made ALL things seen and unseen!

What about you today? Do you have doubt that God is really there? Do you doubt that He truly created all that you see? Is life throwing you some challenges that make your broken heart doubt the goodness of God? My heart understands and that is why we must all look around and see God in the beauty of nature. Open your eyes to things such as trees or the sun with a new revelation that certainly the God above was the creator of all the universe including you!

My challenge this week is to look at your view right now! Literally, take inventory of what your eyes see right now. Then thank God for His magnificence! Take in all that your natural eyes can see. Then, extend your view into the unseen such as relationships, friends, family members, etc. and see the God in ALL of that! When you are doubting and down-- it is so simple-- LOOK around and see God's magnificent handiwork's in nature and in your life! Then you will know and be certain that God is with you, God is for you, and God created ALL of this for you to enjoy today!

In God's abundant love,


April 22, 2013

I have to share a story with you that happened last week. I have an old convertible and I took the top down for the first time in a year yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here in Mississippi and I could not wait to feel the breeze in my hair and enjoy the day. As the sun was setting I ran out to close the roof. It would NOT shut! My window is stuck and the top will not come up unless the windows will go down. ALL of this to say it made me so mad! So, I go in and my son and husband tell me there is no rain in sight. Maybe a 10% chance. But, just in case my husband did put some cheap plastic over the car. OK. It stormed and stormed. the wind was so bad it knocked out our electricity. BUT God!

I woke up to the thunder and lightning and just imagined inches and inches of water in my car. I just knew it would take a year just to dry it out. So, my husband went out to see the damage-- and there was NONE! The cheap plastic took in a huge puddle of water and it acted like saran wrap to my car! The car was tightly covered in the thinnest plastic made. We both just smiled and laughed and said only God could have made this happen!

All of this made me think of our lives today. First, are we prepared for storms that hit us when they are totally unpredicted or unwarranted? Or are we truly prepared for that hour when Jesus is sure to return to gather His followers? It really made an impression on my heart. Even though there was not a cloud in the sky last night or even a hint there would be a terrific storm-- the storm came! We all have been warned and prophesied that Jesus Christ is coming! Are we ready? Are we prepared for Him to return? Are we prepared to take on the storms of life and still stay positioned for Him to take us home eternally?

If you said yes to these questions then please do as the scripture states: "But make sure in your hearts that Christ is Lord. Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you about the hope you have. Be ready to give the reason for it. But do it gently and with respect."-1 Peter 3:15 - (which is our mission scripture for WHOAwomen)-- share your hope in Christ and be prepared to tell the world why you love and trust in Him! I pray today that we all go to God and pour out our love and repentance to Him so that when the storms of life hit us unexpectedly or our name is called to go home-- we are prepared because of our great love and intimate relationship that we share with Jesus Christ!

Make it a WHOA week! I love you.

- Laine